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At Embracing Life Through Horses we partner with horses to help people, just like you, deal with unfinished business that may be causing you stress, anxiety, depression, misunderstandings, regret, relationship issues etc, and release them from your life so you can be the best version of yourself every day.

We utilize a "Gestalt" (holistic) approach to work with you, understand you and help guide you to find the answers that are best for you along your journey.

This method has been proven to be very beneficial in helping people clear their unwanted emotional baggage faster and in a more full way, and move forward in a more healthy way then most traditional forms of therapy.  

If you find yourself having any unresolved feelings, emotions or blockages that are causing you stress, anxiety, depression, fear, sadness or grief, etc. 
You've found the right place

We Specialize in:
Relationships &
 Emergency Service Providers
Everything is confidential & no judgement!
No horse experience or riding is required

Reasons to try the Gestalt Method:

  • Talk Therapy/Counseling didn't work.

  • Struggling with stress, anxiety or depression.

  • Want to gain Self-Confidence.

  • Want to improve communication and understanding.

  • Having a hard time managing grief.

  • Need to release old trauma.

  • Need to make a difficult decision.

  • Looking for a life transforming change or results.

  • Want to help setting or sticking to your goals and more!


Does It Really Work?

 Short Answer=YES!

Long answer=The Equine Gestalt Coaching (EGC) method is different than any other type of "equine assisted work" or "talk therapy" you may have experienced before. It naturally helps people uncover their true, authentic, and whole selves much faster and at a much deeper level then most traditional mental health models. 

The ECG method is a creative, experiential "in the moment" process, where a Gestaltist and a horse help people to  recognize, identify, and change any unwanted issues in their lives and then help them move forward and reach their full potential. For "proof" or "the science" behind EGC method, please see the poster to the right. 

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