Embracing Life Through Horses 

“Making A Difference, Changing Lives”


 Empowerment * Self Improvement * Life Transitions * Childhood Trauma  Depression * Stress * Anxiety * Grief * PTSD * Burnout * Conflict Resolution  Life Decisions * Leadership/Teamwork * Goals * Life Skills * Couples Work *

 “…this did more for me then years of counseling did”


  EGCM sessions can take many forms and are as unique as each individual who experiences the process. Some people prefer to have their EGCM session in private —just them, the horse and the EGCM coach. Others experience EGCM in a group setting such as a retreat or workshop. Many people find the group setting empowering and enlightening. In either setting, the EGCM coach will make sure you are treated with love & respect and that the coaching is provided in a safe and nurturing environment. (No Horse Experience or Riding required)!



* Please bring a journal, bottle of water, wear closed toed shoes and dress in layers.
If you have any questions prior to or during your session, feel free to express them to your coach, however this is an “in the moment” process which means your coach will not need personal information prior to your session.



Melisa Pearce (Psychotherapist and Founder of the EGC Method)
interviewing Kacey about specializing in Women, Teens & Emergency Service Providers…


Here is why this process is so successful…



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