Embracing Life Through Horses 

“Making A Difference, Changing Lives”

Mission: To encourage, guide and inspire personal growth and insight in women, couples, teens and caregivers.

Certified Equine Gestalt Coach

Benefits of EGCM Coaching

Lower Stress * Reduce Anxiety 

Deal with Depression * Gain Self Confidence 

Improve Communication & Understanding

Deal with lifes’ Transitions * Manage Grief

Release Childhood Trauma * PTS or PTSD

Gain Tools for Conflict Resolution

Make Lifes Difficult Decisions Confidently

Set and Reach Goals & More

(No horse experience or riding required)

ELTH Reviews:

     “You encouraged me, honored me and saw me in ways that were life changing”

    “Kacey and her horses are powerful coaches.  They create fun experiences for clients to reframe limiting beliefs and find their inner wisdom and deeper truths” 

     “I’ve went to counselors all my life and this did more for me then 30 years of counseling did”

ELTH Weekly DeStress Groups:

Tuesday evenings (online Zoom) 7pm cst

Wednesday evenings (on site) 6pm (limit 8)

Thursday evenings (on site) 6pm (limit 8)

2021 Life Changing Retreats

      “Embracing Life Through Horses LLC” and “Viable Finance” are partnering up to help women and couples improve their lives both financially and personally!

  Financially we can help you pay off debt, save more money, learn to budget better, deal with financial issues, save for your kids college or your retirement etc. 

Personally we can help you lower stress, reduce anxiety, deal with difficult issues, resolve conflict, improve communication and understanding, and set and reach personal goals etc.  

 Womens Retreat – May 21st 6pm – May 23rd 5pm

Couples Retreat – July 16th 9am – July 18th 12pm


Call: 308-870-3159

Email: info@embracinglifethroughhorses.com

 Facebook:  www.facebook.com/embracinglifethroughhorses