Embracing Life Through Horses 

“Making A Difference, Changing Lives”

Our Mission: 

To encourage, guide and inspire personal growth and insight

in Women, Couples, Teenagers and Caregivers from coast to coast!


Why This Program “Really Works”….

The EGC Method (Equine Gestalt Coaching Method) is different than any other type of equine assisted therapy or coaching that most people may have experienced or seen before.  EGC is a co-active process between a coach, client, and a horse that naturally helps people uncover their true, authentic, whole selves so they can live their best life.

The EGC Method is a process of creative, experiential, “in the moment” coaching that helps people identify and clarify the unfinished business in their lives that may be causing them pain or blocking them from succeeding.  The EGC Method helps people unlock and release that unfinished business so they can reach their full potential in life.

Certified Equine Gestalt Coach

Reasons to try ELTH:

Lower Stress * Reduce Anxiety * Deal with Depression

Gain Self Confidence * Improve Communication & Understanding

Deal with lifes’ Transitions * Manage Grief * Release Trauma

Gain Tools for Conflict Resolution * Make Difficult Decisions 

Set and Reach Goals & More

(No horse experience or riding required)


What our Clients have to say:

“You encouraged me, honored me and saw me in ways that were life changing”

    “Kacey and her horses are powerful coaches.  They create fun experiences for clients to reframe limiting beliefs and find their inner wisdom and deeper truths” 

     “I’ve went to counselors all my life and this did more for me then 30 years of counseling did”

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