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Our Horses

Intuitive. Insightful. Impactful.

* "Horses are a very insightful animal that can help people step into their full potential and life's purpose faster then otherwise normally possible." - Larry Freeborg

* "Horses touch and mere presence can heal and give us insight and connection.  I believe horses were put on this earth to help humans heal. I stand in service of the horse to assist them to communicate with us as we are learning to receive from them." - Melisa Pearce

* "Working with horses is an effective tool to assist people in breaking through barriers and giving them fresh insight and new perspectives." - Judith Tyler

* "Horses are deeply and intuitively connected to us and understand us like no other creature can.  Horses have the ability to read our slightest gestures and body language, and they are able to sense both out conscious and subconscious thoughts and feelings. Horses can tell if we are lying to ourselves or otherwise."  - Melisa Pearce

* "Nearly all clients experience permanent resolution and change to issues worked on during their sessions'" - Melisa Pearce

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