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An EGCM Certified Practitioner is a trained professional…

EGCM Certification Program Graduates have completed: *  24 months of curriculum  *  8 Intensive Hands-on CORE Workshops  *  48 Private Coaching Sessions  * An Extensive Written Exam & Bi-Annual Continuing Education


Kacey Woodliff EGCM-CP, NREMT-B

Hello, my name is Kacey and thank you for visiting my website.  I am extremely excited to be doing this work and sharing it with people just like you!  Just a little history on myself, in hopes that you may feel more comfortable in allowing me and my horses the pleasure to work with you and or your family.  I was born and raised outside of a beautiful, little rural Wisconsin town, on a dairy farm with two hard working, kind, dedicated parents. On the farm I learned to have a love for animals and the rural lifestyle at a very young age.  Horses soon became my passion and obsession when I started working at a local riding stable and went to college and studied everything about them.
After college, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work at a hand full of different places, training
IMG_9404 - Copyhorses, riding in feedlots, teaching & mentoring riding, being a counselor for teenagers and also working and volunteering on a few ambulance services as an EMT.  From these experiences, I soon discovered that my passion in life, was not only to train horses and work cattle and help people, but to combine them and help people through the insight of horses. I knew there was “something” that horses just “did” for me and others that made us feel better, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on what “it” was.

I researched this idea, and came across the most amazing, intuitive, gifted, horsewoman & psychotherapist I’ve ever met, Melisa Pearce.  Melisa had a very successful, motivating, healing business near Denver, Colorado called Touched By A Horse®.  Melisa not only understood what “it” was, but she also had created a method around it, called the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method.  She had helped thousands of people through her psychotherapy business, with her own horses, and now she is teaching others, such as myself, to do the same!  JACKPOT!
I studied with Melisa and watched her every move, then fortunately graduated from her program and opened Embracing Life Through Horses in Nebraska in 2015.  My Vision now for Embracing Life Through Horses is to become the regions #1 safe, confidential resource for people to face difficult issues and create positive growth & change in their lives. It is truly remarkable what I have seen these horses help people work through and I hope I get an opportunity to share “it” with YOU!
Blessings from your coach, – Kacey

Kacey is an EGCM® Certified Practitioner and also the Founder & Owner of Embracing Life Through Horses and Kc Photography.
Kacey studied at Touched By A Horse® of Longmont, CO and the Iowa Equestrian Center of Cedar Rapids, IA and has an AAS in Horse Science Technology. 
Through her schooling Kacey has a wide variety of experiences with riding, training, mentoring, coaching and instructing people through Equine-Based Learning.
Kacey is also a Nationally Registered EMT, EMS Training Officer and CPR/First Aid Instructor.  She is on the Critical Incident Stress Management Team for Emergency Workers in Nebraska.
Kacey previously served as an Adolescent Teen Counselor with the Boys and Girls Home of Nebraska® for several years


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