Your Gestaltist

Kacey Woodliff Finney EGCM-CP, NREMT-B

     Hello, my name is Kacey,  I was born and raised in a rural farming community in Wisconsin, on a dairy farm with two hard working, dedicated parents.  On the farm I learned to have a love for people, animals and the rural lifestyle at a very young age.          Of those animals, horses soon became my passion when I started guiding trail rides, then went to college for Equine Science and Emergency Services.

    I attended the University of WI-River Falls then the Iowa Equestrian Center where I learned about Horses and Emergency Medicine.  I then worked at several places training horses, riding horses in cattle feedyards, taught & mentored riding students and also became a Teen Counselor at the Boys and Girls Home.  I was also working and volunteering on several EMS services as an EMT. 

    Through out my life I have had a variety of personal experiences with depression, anxiety, health problems and relationship issues.  Through each experience I was both desperate and driven to find a way to better my life and help others do the same

I always knew there was  “something” good horses did for me, that nothing else could compare to.  I always felt better simply just being around them.  I often searched the internet to see if anyone understook this kind of “something” that horses did.  I once found a very gifted, intuitive, horsewoman and psychotherapist named Melisa Pearce that owned a certification program called Touched By A Horse.           Melisa not only understood what the “something” was, but she also had founded the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method around it.  Through this method, with the horses, Melisa had helped thousands of people work through their issues at a faster and more successful rate then in her psycotherapy practice alone. 

    I quickly signed up for her EGC Method program, completed the very intesnsive 2 years, and graduated in 2015, when I opened Embracing Life Through Horses LLC.

     Now, we have 8 full years in helping people across the U.S. at ELTH.  We couldn’t be more greatful for all of our clients and horses!  Our vision is to become the regions #1 safe, confidental resource for people to face difficult issues and create positive growth & change in their lives.

     It is truly remarkable what we have seen horses do to help people be who they want to be, that otherwise might not have been possible!

    – Blessings from your Gestaltist, – Kacey Woodliff Finney

* Kacey is an EGCM® Certified Gestaltist Practitioner and also the Founder & Owner of Embracing Life Through Horses and Kc Photography.

* Kacey studied at Touched By A Horse® of Longmont, CO and the Iowa Equestrian Center of Cedar Rapids, IA and has an AAS in Horse Science Technology. 

*Through her schooling Kacey has a wide variety of experiences with riding, training, mentoring, coaching and instructing people through Equine-Based Learning.

*Kacey is also a Nationally Registered EMT, EMS Training Officer and CPR/First Aid Instructor.  She is on the Critical Incident Stress Management Team for Emergency Workers in Nebraska.

* Kacey previously served as an Adolescent Teen Counselor with the Boys and Girls Home of Nebraska® for several years.

Call: 308-870-3159