Raves & Reviews

“I did a horse therapy session (Equine Gestalt Coaching) with Kacey this summer, when I was home, and it was the best therapy session I have EVER had!  Kacey is so intuitive and her horses are so “in tune” with the universe.  That one session changed my life!  If I lived closer, I would be a regular participant.”   

Crystal – Virginia Beach, VA

“Kacey helped me get to the root of my pain around things I have been holding onto my whole life.  She helped me let it all out without judgment.”

  Lindsey – Chivington, CO.

“This one session with your horse did more for me then years of counseling”

Monica -NE

“You encouraged me, honored me, and saw me in ways that were life changing.  Your calm confidence and empathy were both empowering and uplifting.  You make such a difference in the most beautiful way.  Thank you.” 

Sharon – Alberta, CAN

“I have learned (at ELTH) that saying out loud what I’m going through, with the horse cards, has been very helpful for me.  The horse (session) has helped me a lot.”

Lou – NE.

“Kacey and her horses helped me go from confusion and overwhelm to clarity and gratitude.  The process brought me a better understanding by using both my visual and tactile senses – truly the most unique and effective experience I’ve had.”   

Dr. Heather – Kigwah Island, SC.

“I have learned that I can be all the things I want to be and have all the things I want to have.” 

Kinsey – NE.

“Kacey really has a solid and trusting relationship with her horses that showed up in the roundpen during my session.   I would highly recommend Embracing Life Through Horses to anyone looking to improve their life.” 

Emily – Cheyenne, WY.

“Kacey creates a safe space where people can experiment in order to see themselves in a refreshing new perspective.” 

Linda – Park Ridge, Ill. 

“I have learned that I am good enough being myself, not having to change who I am to please others.”

Anonymous – NE

“Kacey’s has a knack of getting to the core (of your troubles), while allowing you the space to feel safe in the process.  I highly recommend Embracing Life Through Horses.” 

Wayne – Alberta, Can.

“I have learned to better communicate with my husband and better understand myself, have positive views of myself.” 

Jessica – NE.

“Kacey creates a safe place that helps people become more aware of their choices.  She supports her clients in finding their way to new possibilities.”

Mary – Summit, WI. 

IMG_0254 - Copy

“Kacey has a sweet balance of pragmatism and optimism that helps her clients move through whatever they are processing with a clean expectation of resolution and when they complete their work, she cheerfully celebrates their success! 

Lorrin – NM. – Shamwari Coaching

“Kacey is truely creates a beautifu,l safe space and listens deeply and provides an experience that brings a deeper, richer, sense of self awareness. 

Jaclyn – Boulder, CO.

“Kacey and her horses are powerful coaches.  They create a fun experience for people to reframe (their) limiting beliefs and find their inner wisdom and deeper truths.” 

Christina – Boulder CO.

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