Raves & Reviews

“Kacey helped me find the root of my pain/numbness around things I have been holding onto my whole life.  She gave me the space to let it all out without judgment.  She brings positivity to everyone she works with.  Lindsey S. – Chivington, CO.

“You encouraged me, honored me and saw me in ways that were life changing.  As a coach your calm confidence and empathy was both empowering and uplifting.  You make a difference in the most beautiful way.  Thank you.”  Sharon M. – Alberta, CAN

“Kacey and her horses at Embracing Life Through Horses were able to skillfully navigate me from confusion and overwhelm to clarity and gratitude.  Her creative coaching brought understanding by using both visual and tactile senses – truly the most unique and effective experience.”  – Heather W. Kigwah Island, SC.

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“Kacey has a bright, energetic coaching style.  She really has a solid and trusting relationship with her horses that shows up in the arena.  I would highly recommend Kacey at Embracing Life Through Horses to anyone looking to improve their skills in life.”  Emily D. – Cheyenne, WY.

“Embracing Life Through Horses creates a safe space where clients can experiment in order to see themselves from a refreshing new perspective.”  – Linda B.  Illinois

“Kacey’s personality and vitality makes her work as a coach such a powerful combination.  She has a knack of getting to the core while allowing you the space to feel safe in the process.  I highly recommend Kacey at Embracing Life Through Horses.”  Wayne M. – Alberta, CAN.

“I have seen Kacey’s coaching on several occasions.  She creates safety and helps her clients become more aware of their choices.  She supports her clients in finding their way to new possibilities.” – Mary E.  Summit, WI.

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“Kacey has a sweet balance of pragmatism and optimism that helps her clients move through whatever they are processing with a clean expectation of resolution and when they complete their work, she cheerfully celebrates their success!  Lorrin M. – NM.

“Kacey is a truly creative coach.  She creates a beautiful safe space and listens to her clients and provides an experience that brings her clients to a deeper, richer, sense of self awareness.  –  Jaclyn M. Boulder, CO.

“Kacey and her horses are powerful coaches.  They create fun experiences for clients to reframe limiting beliefs and find their inner wisdom and deeper truths.”  Christina S. – Boulder CO.

“Thank you for your wonderful presence and insight.  So nice to see you own your talents and move beyond the limitations of others.”  – Diana M.  Sante Fe, NM.


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