The Horses


Brody is an AQHA 1999 registered sorrel gelding originally from the “great” state of Wisconsin.  He was introduced to Kacey at ELTH by one of her close friends and mentors – Jerry Gilbertson – Highland Quarter Horses Cashton, WI.

    Brody is the “Lead Man” of the herd here at ELTH 🙂  He is extremely sensitive to people, their feelings and his surroundings, always on top of what is happening!  Brody is known to be a very practical, serious yet sensitive, boundary setting, no Bull, get the job done and relax kind of guy 🙂  Brody has been with Kacey through most all of her equine professions and experiences and has taught her and others so much about communicating with horses and learning about themselves.  Brody worked in the “cowboy” world of working cattle and helping teach new colts to ride for years and is now happy to be retired and have the much “lighter and more impacting” job of helping children learn to ride and helping teens and adults learn to live in the moment, release stressors, and learn more about themselves 🙂

“Little Duck or LD”

Little Duck is an AQHA July 4th 2001 registered gray gelding originally from the “farming” state of Iowa.  He was introduced to Kacey at ELTH by one of her close friends and co-workers/”old cowhand” -Tom Eberle Broken Bow, NE.

IMG_0574Little Duck is the “kid” and “character” of the herd here at ELTH.  LD is known for being a kind hearted, playful, in your face, laugh and have fun kind of guy.  LD is a very unique character and he is ALWAYS “talking” and telling people what he thinks.  He LOVES, LOVES, LOVES children and/or people who like to have fun and be silly.  LD spent many years in the “cowboy” world also, working cattle in feedlots and ranches and “voicing his opinion” throughout the day 🙂  LD has a huge, tender heart and is willing to give of himself to help anyone who is willing to handle his little silly quirks 😉  Little Duck still does some cattle work but mostly enjoys supporting, comforting and helping those around him “lighten up” in his new line of work.


Sassy is an AQHA 1999 registered bay mare originally from the “cold” state of North Dakota.  She was introduced to Kacey at ELTH by her close friends and college roommates – Don & Robin Morrison Letts, IA.

Sassy is the “Lead Lady” of the herd here at ELTH.  She is Dry Doc and Watch Joe Jack bred and proud of it 🙂  She is a very wise, intuitive yet edgy sort of lady.  Sassy spent most of her early years being a “rebel” in the horse world in Iowa until Don and Robin Morrison bought her and started riding her at age 6.  She then was placed with Kacey in the feedlot to work cattle and “blow some energy off”.  Sassy worked cattle for many years since then and has become very influential for those she comes across.   She is a true challenge for most men 🙂 and just loves to challenge people, in general, to become their very best.  Sassy is willing to help even the most “hard headed” of individuals to “open their eyes” and see what they are missing!   She also has a huge, kind, heart that will often show people how to be strong yet humble, if she feels you have earned to see if from her 🙂


Journey is an approximately 12 year old, non registered, grullo draft cross mare. She was said to have previously been an amish work horse, then she got to pack a gentleman around in the mountains, then she was a lesson horse.  Journey is very inuitive and sensitive!   She is very aware of how people feel and think.  She is a very powerful coach and she’s been known to help people truly change their lives!

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