Horse Matching

Horse Matching Program

Here at ELTH we have seen many people purchase horses that are either a good match for them or a bad match for them and vise versa for the horse. 

With our combined 40ish years of experience with horses and people, we have grown to really enjoy helping people find horses that are “right” for them and their families….

Over the years we have seen many horse owners/searchers grow increasingly frustrated and dissapointed with the horses/sellers and/or the whole process of trying to find a horse that is a good match for them. 

(Example: Someone tells you a horse is a “kids horse” and the horse is dangerous as soon as you get them home….bucks, bites, kicks or is just “too much” for your childs level etc. 

This is why we recently added a “horse matching” program to our services here at ELTH!  Please read below for customer reviews….


     “I’ve gotten 2 lovely horses from Kacey and Ahren. Their service is amazing! They found a great little trail horse for me. Kacey is on it when she’s responding to questions. I’ve become afraid to mount and when I mentioned that she said, “Hold please” and 5 minutes later she showed me video of her mounting and dismounting several times.”

     “Then when my gelding died, I turned to Kacey and Ahren to find a companion for my new mare. They sold me her old pasture mate, and when I felt I couldn’t wait another week for delivery, they made a special trip just to bring my new mare home.  I’ve appreciated them every step of the way and would rate their service 5 stars!”  – Jen Williams


     “My name is Teresa Sappington. I cannot thank Kacey and Ahren enough for this opportunity.  When Kacey showed me the picture of that beautiful Palomino last September, I felt such a strong bond that would not let go.  Kacey would send me pictures of him occasionally. I loved the one of him standing INSIDE the hay ring!  I went to their place in Nebraska to meet him.  Kacey and Ahren we’re so good about hauling several horses to the nearby indoor arena so that I could meet and ride all of them to see who would be a good partner for me.”  

     “Kacey and Ahren were so patient and helpful. It was a lot of fun and I was very excited to commit to the pretty Palomino gelding that I named, Chance.  Along with Chance, came Peanut.  Peanut had found himself going to kill until Kacey and Ahren rescued him. I am thrilled to give him a forever home and add him to my little herd. It’s been amazing to see his growth just in the few months that I’ve had him.  Kacey and Ahren delivered the boys to my place in Colorado for a great price.  Kacey stays in touch to make sure everything is going well.  My recommendation to everyone that takes advantage of this matching program would be to be honest about your skill level.  Thanks again, Kacey and Ahren!!”  – Teresa Sappington 

     Hi my name is Kerry Culhane, I was matched last year with my amazing and beautiful mare Hope.  Having been pretty green I wasn’t sure how to go about finding a good match for me, these guys made it so easy and safe, giving me what background they had and sharing with me Hopes likes and dislikes.  Hope has come so far and my heart has expanded with every step along the way, their equine matching service is truly angel work.      – Kerry Culhane

     I was looking for a partner in business that also enjoyed being ridden and would be the ideal match for my 14 year old daughter. Little did I know that he lived in Nebraska under the loving, professional care of Kacey and Ahren.  

     They evaluate your level of comfort with horses/riding, as well as any other criteria you have in mind and they find you a partner beyond your wildest dreams!  They also delivered our gelding straight into his new stall in Colorado. I felt so relieved that he would be safely travelling with them.

     Their transportation fare was comparable to that of any other company, so for me it was a no brainer.  It was so reassuring to know he was with the people who knew him best and would know how to care for him during the trip. Don’t think twice. Contact Kacey and Ahren now!  – Elisabeth Dennison

     If you or someone you know is looking for a horse or has a horse that does not “fit” what you need, please give us a call for a free consult at 308-870-3159.  And we can discuss how we can help you!

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